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FG’s Job Scheme: Representatives Minority Caucus Dissatisfied Over Slots Allocation

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The members of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in the House of Representatives have rejected the 30 job slots allotted to each member of the green chambers from the 774,000 public jobs scheme of the Federal Government.
The caucus stated this in a statement by the Minority Leader of the House, Rep. Ndudi Elumelu (PDP-Delta) on Tuesday in Abuja.
Elumelu said allocating 30 out of the 1,000 slots per local government, was grossly unfair and unacceptable saying that the lawmakers were the true representatives of the people.
The lawmaker demanded a review of the criteria used for allocating job slots alleging that the system was designed to favour certain interests in All Progressives Congress (APC).
According to Elumelu, it is at the detriment and disadvantage of majority of other Nigerians across the country.
“The 30 persons allotment to be supervised by a member in each of the Local Government Areas, cannot by any criteria, be said to be a true representation of the people they are mandated to represent. The 774,000 jobs are meant for the people and that the people look up to the lawmakers as major channels through which they are reached for social and economic empowerment. A situation, which makes the 30 persons, out of the 1,000 per local government, grossly inadequate. The 30 persons allotment per local government for lawmakers is grossly unfair, inadequate and unacceptable to Nigerians. As the representatives of the people, we are closer to them and they directly interact with us, irrespective of religion, class and political affiliations. All Nigerians living in our constituencies are our constituents, irrespective of political leanings; we have a responsibility to protect their interests at all times and as such, lawmakers ought to have been carried along on the allotment”.
He said there was need to ensure that the programme benefited Nigerians and not enmeshed in allegations of sharp practices as witnessed in the COVID-19 palliative distribution.
The lawmakers, therefore, demanded for more transparency and consultation in the implementation of the 774,000 public work jobs.
The caucus charged President Muhamamdu Buhari to immediately order a review of the implementation process to ensure that the targeted citizens benefited from the programme as intended.

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