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Iran Warns Foreign Powers Against Interference After Lebanon Blast

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Iran’s Foreign Ministry on Monday warned foreign powers not to interfere in Lebanon’s affairs after the country’s capital suffered a massive explosion at the port that killed no fewer than 158 people and wounded 6,000.
Referring to clashes that erupted in Beirut in the wake of the blast, a Foreign Ministry spokesman said the explosion had been “a bitter incident”.
“It is, therefore, understandable that people are upset and are demanding consequences, but that foreign powers were agitating to further their own goals. This is unacceptable,” the spokesman was cited as saying by Iranian news agency Irna.
Some have pointed fingers at the Iran-backed Lebanese Hezbollah movement.
Hezbollah’s chief, Hassan Nasrallah, has rejected accusations that his group controls the port and is, therefore, responsible.
The Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman said that Iran was focusing on providing humanitarian aid to the people affected by the blast.
He added that any further measures would be decided after the completion of investigations.
“It is still too early for an objective assessment of the situation”.

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