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NANTS Urges FG, Others, to Address Ghanaian Authorities Attack on Nigerian Traders

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The National Association of Nigerian Traders (NANTS), has called on well meaning Nigerians and credible leaders, to do something about the perennial attack on Nigerian traders in Ghana by Ghanaian authorities.
Dr Ken Ukaoha, NANTS President, made the call in a statement on Saturday in Abuja, while reacting to the viral video clips of the Saturday humiliation of Nigerian traders in Ghana.
The Ghanaian Authorities had rolled out all their Forces against Nigerians and their businesses, forcefully locking all shops belonging to Nigerians, including those whose papers and tax payments were up to date.
Ukaoha, a Trade and Economic Development Law Advocate, expressed sadness over the incident, adding that the degradation had defied all solutions, and even overwhelmed ECOWAS.
He recalled that in the incident, some Nigerians were manhandled and some goods and belongings confiscated.
He said the humiliation was a clear signal, and perhaps must be the final call that must awaken the Nigerian government to the plight of its citizens abroad.
“Will the Nigerian government be deceived again by the diplomatic lullaby deployed by Ghana to rubbish Nigeria? Is this not the real face and meaning of African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA) for Ghana? Would the Nigerian government wait for further signals to understand that reciprocity is part of diplomacy. How long shall we suffer this humiliation? Who can help us awaken the Nigerian government to protect and secure its citizens? The Nigerian media should take up the battle from here. The cries, the tears and the voices of our fellow citizens and comrades seeking attention. Who would help?”.
In Nov. 2019, Ghana Union of Traders Association had in a similar incident, closed down foreign-run shops it accused of violating a “Ghanaian law” barring non-nationals from operating in the domestic retail space.
The Ghanaian government in July, reopened more than 600 shops belonging to Nigerian Traders in Ghana, having been under lock and key since Dec. 2019.

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