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U.S. Loses Position of Global Order Guarantor After Quitting Int’l Accords – German NGO

By DEME AKPASIA,with agency report

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The U.S. has completely lost the role of guarantor of international order by withdrawing from major multilateral agreements, Detlef Dzembritzki, the Head of the UN Association of Germany Non-governmental Organisation (DGVN) said on Wednesday.
Germany’s Faces of Peace initiative, an NGO said that the organisation studies Germany’s policy in the UN.
“The role of the U.S. as a model and guarantor of international order is now completely lost, because the U.S. increasingly withdraws from multilateral agreements and parts of the UN system”.
Commenting on the current health crisis, the DGVN head said the populist administrations of the U.S. and Brazil are “putting the health of their populations at risk and silence the disease”.
“Such governments are not part of the solution to our global problem; they are part of the problem. Populist and nationalist trends always reach a deadlock. They are unable to resolve today’s multiple cross-border crises and are already failing in their own country,” Dzembritzki added.
Under the Trump administration, the U.S. has pulled out of a range of agreements, including the Paris climate deal, the Iran nuclear accord, the Soviet-U.S. Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty and the Open Skies Treaty.
The New Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty is now the last remaining arms control treaty in force between Russia and the U.S.
With the treaty set to expire in February 2021, Trump is actively touting a new trilateral arms control initiative that would include China, even though the latter ruled out joining such talks.

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