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Why Women Develop Depression After Giving Birth, Harm Child

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Mild anxiety, fatigue and a relatively reduced mood are usually effects faced by women who experience “baby blues” for a week or two after giving birth, according to a research on depression.

It indicated that women experience “postpartum depression”- a type of depression or major depressive order with “peripartum” onset after giving birth, a condition that can cause significant depressive episodes.

Researchers believe postpartum depression develops for a number of reasons, including sudden changes to “estrogen and progesterone levels, a lack of sleep and having a history of depression”.

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The report stated that women with postpartum depression may feel exhaustion and extreme sadness to the extent that it makes it hard for them to care for themselves and their babies.

It recommended that in such circumstances, they may need treatment to prevent long-term complications, as in extreme cases, without proper treatment, postpartum depression can lead some women toward harming themselves or their babies.

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