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Lagos Assembly Service Commission Promotes 103 Staff

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Lagos House of Assembly Service Commission (LAHASCOM) has promoted 103 officers and urged the newly promoted management and senior staff to be good ambassadors in the discharge of their responsibilities.
The Commission’s Chairman, Chief Wale Mogaji, gave the advice while congratulating the 103 officers comprising 44 management staff and 59 senior staff.
The chairman said they were promoted after the recent first virtual promotion exercise conducted by the commission in conjunction with Public Service Staff Development Centre (PSSDC).
He advised the promoted officers to be more dedicated and conduct themselves as true ambassadors of the state government wherever they were in order to justify their promotion to higher levels.
Mogaji described the Virtual Structured Training Programme (Promotion exercise) as successful.
The chairman argued that the mode adopted was born out of the commission’s desire to comply with the state’s directive on the need to rid the State of COVID-19 pandemic.
Mogaji said it was a unanimous agreement by all the state’s commissions to conduct a virtual promotion exercise.
He said: “This was to comply with the governor’s directive and the Federal Government’s guidelines on maintaining social distance. Virtual assessment is not enough for individual appraisal but can be improved upon to meet up with international standards, because the old method of assessing officers for promotion is more result-driven. There is nothing wrong with virtual training but there must be a way to structure the time whereby individual contributions will be better assessed. The strength of individual participants may not be determined within a short period but can be improved upon and restructured in a way that participant can be assessed objectively”.
Mogaji said the old method was designed to effectively appraise leadership qualities, competence and comportment for better critical assessment of each member of staff which could be achieved via virtual assessment.
He, however, said the Virtual Training Programme had satisfied the purpose for which it was formulated, due to the emergence of the novel COVID–19.

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